Time Erase - Minecraft Command Block Tutorial

Time Erase - Minecraft Command Block Tutorial
A picture of the item, the oak patch, and the commands.

Hi! This is my first post. So this is the time erase from jojo's bizarre adventure but kind of inverted. Here is a video of it.

The first command block detects he tag I showed at the beginning of the video. So I made a scoreboard for when you drop red dye (Because I did not know how to use NBT data until after I made it).

The second command block detects if the score goes to 1. Then the giant pillar is very complicated. The first command block kills the item. The second command block summons a special armor stand facing 5 blocks in your direction named the Aligner. The next command block summons a special armor stand called Epitaph (Or EP). The command block above it teleports the EP stand to you and faces the Aligner stand. The next command block gives you invisibility & speed. The last command block after that will do the special sound effect. All the repeaters hooked to the command blocks just do the count down.

The next long line of command blocks is also complicated (Sorry). The first command block teleports me to the EP stand facing the Aligner stand. The next one clears my invisibility. The next one kills the EP stand. The next will reset my scoreboard. Then the next one kills the Aligner stand. The next one fills the little oak patch with sandstone (Shown in the video). The next two clear my speed & do a sound effect. And the last command block gives back the Time Erase ability. (Sorry for keep using next)

  1. The Aligner stand is summoned by summoning an armor stand five blocks away (By using execute at @p run summon armor_stand ^ ^ ^5) with a special tag (summon armor_stand ^ ^ ^5 {Tags:["Aligner"]}) and with no gravity and being invisible ({Tags:["Aligner"],Invisible:1b,NoGravity:1b}).
  2. The EP stand is summoned the same way just summoned on you (summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~) and has a different tag ({Tags:["EP"]}).
  3. Sense I didn't know about NBT data when I started I just used the kill @e[type=item,distance=..5] command
  4. To get the item you need to type a very long command. It is /give @s red_dye{display:{Name:'{"text":"Time Erase","italic":"false"}'}}
To see it easier (If your used to Minecraft style text).
  1. The teleport command to face the aligner stand is execute as @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand,tag=EP] at @p[tag=TimeEraser] run tp @s ~ ~ ~ facing entity @e[tag=Aligner,limit=1] (I had trouble finding this on google so here).

What the armor stands look like visible

  1. If you know the playsound command the sound is minecraft:block.beacon.activate and the end is deactivate. But if you don't know then the command is execute at @p[tag=TimeEraser] run playsound minecraft:block.beacon.activate master @a ~ ~ ~ and the end is deactivate
  2. To detect if there is a player with the tag TimeEraser you do the command execute if entity @p[tag=TimeEraser] and put a comparator facing from the command block into the second one and the second one is need redstone and it detects if that player with the tag has the score of one. And you do that by typing execute if entity @p[scores={EP=1},tag=TimeEraser]
  3. To make the scoreboard you type the command: /scoreboard objectives add EP minecraft.dropped:minecraft.red_dye "EP"
  4. to do the countdown place 3 repeaters like in the picture at the very top and put them to the fourth tick and do the command tellraw @p[tag=TimeEraser] {"text":"10"} and repeat that all the way until you get to one. Then you do the second giant pillar.
  5. To reset the scoreboard do the command scoreboard players reset @p[tag=TimeEraser]
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