Automatic Music Disc Player using Minecraft Redstone

Automatic Music Disc Player using Minecraft Redstone

A machine that Plays you're disc for you then gives it back to you.

Front View
Back View

This is my first best Minecraft redstone build I don't do good redstone I'm a good builder.

So, picture this in Minecraft – my own little redstone magic trick. I've whipped up this funky machine that plays music discs all on its own. It's like having a blocky DJ in the game! I slap a disc into the input chest, and bam! Redstone does its dance, guiding the disc through hoppers and onto a note block. Pistons start groovin', making a sweet melody. It's like a digital concert in my pixelated world. Minecraft meets disco, right? These contraptions are my way of turning the game into a blocky dance party – just because I can!

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