Underground Cave Village | Minecraft 1.20.1 Java Edition Seed

Underground Cave Village | Minecraft 1.20.1 Java Edition Seed

A completely generated village that can be found inside of a lava cave next to a zombie spawner and other rare loot

r/minecraftseeds - I found this underground village (repost)
side view of the cave and village setup

Yep, this seed is pretty cool... It was discovered back on version Minecraft 1.18 but it has been tested and still works on version Minecraft 1.20.1 and above!

It spawns you next to a village that has completely generated within a cave, the cave has a lava pool surrounding the villagers as well as a few dungeons and chests that can be spotted nearby.

Its a unique seed and because sandstone is not flammable, the village will stay intact and the likelihood of the villagers surviving is actually pretty high as zombies cannot easily get to it.


Video showing off this Minecraft 1.20 seed.

Here is a picture showing how close the zombie spawner actually is to the village, its basically inside of it...

r/minecraftseeds - I found this underground village (repost)
Zombie dungeon spawner with 2 chests that have good loot

This seed was actually discovered using a program that scans seeds looking for interesting generation, it was flagged due to the amount of ores, space and villages all within the same 200 blocks and was highlighted as a perfect seed for those looking for a good start back into their hardcore or survival worlds.

It also comes with all the new cave biomes you would expect, such as lush caves as well as dripstone caves.

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