Minecraft 1.20 God Seed for Bedrock edition *MCPE*

Minecraft 1.20 God Seed for Bedrock edition *MCPE*
A single image with 5 structures!

Have you ever wanted to have structures so close to you in your world that ever structure would fit into one picture? Well we have it we have 5 structures cramed into a 200 × 200 blocks.

This seed contains 5 Structures!

  1. 1. Woodland mansion
  2. 2. Pillager outpost
  3. 3. Village (behind mansion)
  4. 4. Jungle temple (on the right side of the mansion)
  5. 5. A skeleton spawner (beneath mansion)

Spawn (0,50,0)

(For coordinates watch the YouTube Video given above)

  1. As you can see this seed has all these structures with amazing loot and mansion has a Diamond Block in It.
  1. As You can see it has a Diamond Block encased within obsidian in top right room of the woodland mansion.
  2. This seed just doesn't stop there You Have a spawner beneath the mansion and a jungle temple with full of loot.

This seed also has a triple spawner not far from spawn with 3 golden apples, 1 nametag, and a lot of iron, gold and horse armor.

Seed - 793641709710006760

This seed has been verified on Minecraft Version 1.20.61 and 1.20.60 This is would work on MCPE, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, Android, IOS, Minecraft APK, APK, Windows 10 edition),and Java (In Java places of structures may vary) This would on Minecraft Version on 1.18+ or 1.18, 1.19, 1.20, 1.21. For more seeds like this check out me! :D (pls)

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