Minecraft Bedrock Seed with the easiest survival for new beginners!

Minecraft Bedrock Seed with the easiest survival for new beginners!

Have you ever wanted to beat the dragon without having to do a lot of work in your world?

If, Yes I have a very nice seed for you today in this Minecraft world there will be a treasure chest next to the spawn from which you could gather resources for your survival for the first night.

This is the loot you will find in the chest

and could travel a few hundred blocks and reach a village where you could build a house or steal one from Villagers! Anyways if you want to deep dive in the ender dragon instantly but if you want to prepare well you can do that too as the stronghold is just below spawn where is the

A village just above stronghold!

portal room and you can collect books from stronghold library and can enchant your Armor or you could just go on with beds and kill the dragon as soon as possible anyways the world is yours and you could do whatever you want to do as there is a lot of resources close to spawn and a seed which has a open end portal has a rarity of 1 in 1 TRILLION which is very rare and if you haven't tried this seed or this type of seed before you must give it a try! For more details click the video link it will only take 45 seconds of your time!

This is another one of my seed showcase which is great if you want to check this out too as it would be really good to try this one if you want a speedrun of another type

Here is the link of my different video.

This is seed works in versions Minecraft 1.18, 1.19, 1.20 and above.

Seed : -9909091.211:132232
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