Minecraft 1.20.71 Best Seed!

Minecraft 1.20.71 Best Seed!

In your Minecraft world you might have seen 2 structures close to spawn or maybe 3 but in this seed there are 6 structure close to each other!

Watch this video to see this seed!

In this seed you have a desert village island in which a pillager outpost has clipped.

Villager Island

It has a woodland mansion in a Lake and makes itself a neighbour to the villager Island with both living in harmony. But not all are like that..

A View from woodland mansion

Below the island we have a large water filled cave goes down to -50Y and has a submerged ruined portal in it.

Ruined portal

And being submerged it has good loot, but we also have more in this cave as there are two exposed geodes next to each other

Two geodes exposed to water

If you think thats all you are wrong we still have MORE!

A monster spawner (zombie)
Desert temple

Watch This review to get coordinates!

Seed - 790867937296689469

Get coordinates

We have a desert temple and a monster spawner near to the island which makes it fun to explore this seed!

This seed was tested on 1.20.1 and 1.20.71 but it works on 1.18, 1.19, 1.20, 1.21

This seed is for Both bedrock and Java editions but it was recorded in Bedrock edition and we might have some structures generate a bit off from the given coordinates in this video.

This seed has bedrock edition and it supports - MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition, Android, IOS), Consoles (PlayStation, Switch, Xbox) and Windows 10 Edition.

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