Minecraft survival seed for Minecraft bedrock and pocket edition in 1.20!

Minecraft survival seed for Minecraft bedrock and pocket edition in 1.20!
God Seed of Pocket & Bedrock Edition Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft is a vast game with millions of things you can do and one of them is to play survival but survival can be hard at times when you have to go long distances for a village, stronghold etc. A seed that has all the necessary things is like a must as you can enjoy more and travel less in search of structures.

Here is the video and this seed can make your survival a lot easier and would provide all important structures close to spawn

Here are a few images from the seed for more details watch the video provided above.

In this seed, there are all of the important survival structures you will ever need to defeat the ender dragon or just to play survival without wasting time in traveling from one place to another.

This seed has a bastion remnant next to spawn in the nether and opposite to bastion is a nether fortress. Here are the coordinates given below with pictures of each structure separately.

Great source of Gold Blocks and awesome nether generation for you to explore

Lots of blaze spawners can be found!

This seed has a village near spawn and has a stronghold just below the spawn and a bunch of diamonds with blacksmiths.

Seed : 908091286397366608

Warning : This seed was recorded in Minecraft Bedrock edition which is Mcpe, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC it's structure and exact location may not match with the video in JAVA edition.

It will work on versions 1.18, 1.19, 1.20 and above.

Click the video to get more information!

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