Best speedrunning seed for Minecraft bedrock and pocket edition for 1.20!

Best speedrunning seed for Minecraft bedrock and pocket edition for 1.20!
This seed is best for speedrunning for both new and old players as it has a open end portal from the start This is seed is supported in Minecraft 1.20 and above. For seed click the YouTube link below!

Have you ever wanted to speedrun Minecraft but don't have the right seed or time to find one? Well search no more as this is probably the best speedrunning seed you'll ever find for the bedrock edition giving you the most insane starting point you could ever want.

This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for Bedrock edition and pocket edition players this seed has a pre-lit end portal and it removes the need to go to the nether completely and the portal is very close to spawn nearly 200 blocks with a village about to carry beds with you to defeat the dragon!

This is the best Minecraft speedrunning seed for beginners and veterans as it has a open end portal at spawn and it is best for speedrunners and for survival players as it removes the end to go to nether completely. For more information click the video which is a YouTube link and the seed is there which you can try out yourself.

This Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seed gives you the perfect spawn with a lit end portal giving you the perfect advantage for any Minecraft speedrun you are doing.

So yeah, this is the perfect speed running seed because the end portal is already lit, villages are nearby with everything you could ever need such as loot and good biomes.

Minecraft Seed : 7306815763343810136
The Hidden Treasure

The seed also comes with all known hidden treasure locations, these can be found in the video demo.

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