Commands, Mods, Datapacks, and Creations | Daily Dose of Minecraft 1.20

Commands, Mods, Datapacks, and Creations | Daily Dose of Minecraft 1.20

Crafting The New Spike Shields in Minecraft

Another day, another Daily dose of Minecraft.

VeyperXD has been working on this rainbow mountain for weeks now and it is finally complete!

To quote:

My rainbow mountain it's finally complete, after a ton of hours in work, a ton of wool, a ton of sheers, it's finally over

His super happy with how his Minecraft Build project turned out, as he should! It looks again!

rainbow mountain build project

it's finally complete We actually featured it a few episodes back of vaporsxd's Rainbow Mountain project that took

a lot of hours to complete and a ton of wool and shoes as you can expect and This is the final result I love it I don't think he's named it yet but let's call it Jeb Mountain

Exopic has made a Minecraft mod that brings in new types of shields into the game and you can even enchant them it's not currently live because it's still actually working on it but keep an eye out on these socials

Made an amethyst shield for my minecraft mod

Made an amethyst shield for my minecraft mod

The custom shield mod allows you to craft these new types of shields that have different uses, You can even add your own enchantments meaning you can have a thorns shield!


No rain above clouds with Complementary Reimagined + Euphoria Patches feels amazing! Posted by Nomokuto, this is how the elytra should work! The rain is so realistic, it doesn't rain above the clouds!

Ironically, the safest way to clear an Ancient City is to go loud Posted by TEH_skipper, yeah thats right... This one of the best ways to tackle the deep dark in Minecraft.


Best way to handle the Deep Dark

Finally lets end on a good old Minecraft Meme.


Spider-Man Script, Not a Mod!
First up, we've got a thrilling creation that'll make you feel like you're in a Marvel movie. A Minecraft player by the name of Tana has unleashed a Spider-Man script that'll leave you swinging from excitement. What's impressive is that it's not even a mod! The execution is so flawless that you'd think it was straight out of the modding world. Swing through the pixelated skies with Spider-Man in this incredible script.

Bedrock Edition Wonders
Have you ever seen incredible Bedrock Edition clips and wondered, "Is this a skill issue?" Well, you're not alone. Bedrock Edition keeps surprising us with its unbelievable gameplay. From epic builds to jaw-dropping moments, the Bedrock community is taking Minecraft to new heights.

Jib Mountain: A Rainbow Masterpiece
Remember Vapors XD's Rainbow Mountain project we mentioned a while back? Well, it's finally complete, and it's as stunning as we hoped. Though it doesn't have an official name yet, let's dub it "Jib Mountain." Hours of dedication, a ton of wool, and sheer creativity have given birth to this breathtaking masterpiece.

New Shields and Enchantments
Exopic is at it again, introducing a fantastic Minecraft mod that brings new types of shields into the game. What sets it apart is the ability to enchant these shields, making combat in Minecraft even more exciting. Keep an eye out for its release and visit, where Minecraft creators can showcase their work for free.

Mind-Blowing Mods
Experience Minecraft like never before with a collection of mods that make the game simply stunning. Imagine flying upside down or witnessing rain that doesn't pierce the clouds. These mods push the boundaries of what's possible in Minecraft and will leave you in awe.

The Art of Fishing (or Trolling)
Some Minecraft players have a unique sense of humor. Watch as one player takes an unconventional approach to fishing, leaving us wondering if we've been doing it wrong all along. Is this the secret to successful fishing in Minecraft?

Unlock Chunks, Unlock Adventures
Introducing a fresh way to play Minecraft! Avid MC and Quilby have created a unique gameplay concept where every chunk in every dimension is locked. To explore further, you must pay a specific number of items. As you unlock more chunks, challenges become more demanding. It's a Minecraft adventure like no other.

Breaking Bad in Minecraft
Breaking Bad fans, rejoice! BandinCP has recreated the iconic RV from the series inside Minecraft. Take a tour and immerse yourself in the world of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, block by block.

Musical Machines
JazzRed is an unsung hero in the Minecraft community. He's created a working music machine that can play almost any song. The smooth and bug-free design of this contraption is a testament to his skill and dedication. Give his creations some well-deserved love.

Survival World 3.5 Years in the Making
"Never dig straight down" is a golden rule in Minecraft, but what happens when you break it? Watch as a player takes an unexpected journey into the depths of the earth, proving that sometimes, breaking the rules can lead to incredible discoveries.

Iron Golem Factory
Ever wondered how Iron Golems are made in the wild? Beneath every village lies this hidden factory where these sturdy guardians are born. It's a secret we never knew until now.

Custom Dimensions in a Data Pack
Command Block Idiot has outdone themselves by creating an entire custom dimension using just one data pack. The result is breathtaking and rivals even the most impressive mods. It's proof that Minecraft's creativity knows no bounds.

The Luckiest Escape
Finally, we've got a player who should definitely buy a lottery ticket. Surviving this encounter is nothing short of a miracle. Watch the heart-pounding action as they escape certain doom.

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