Infinity Buttons Minecraft 1.20.1 Mod

Infinity Buttons Minecraft 1.20.1 Mod

The Infinity Buttons mod is a Minecraft 1.16.5-1.20.1 mod which adds new exciting buttons!

Are you sick and tired of being limited to one small type of button? The Infinity Buttons mod fixes this limitation! The mod adds a lot of new buttons to play with. Use the emergency button to let your friends and villagers know there's danger, use secret buttons to hide your base from your enemies or use large buttons for easier access to your base when in a hurry without missing the button that opens the door. The mod also has integration for some popular mods like Quark and Create!

Current features of the mod:

  • Large Buttons, which are bigger than normal buttons.
  • Buttons from different materials. Each material has a different function.
  • Emergency Buttons in all 16 colors, and a special rainbow variant. Available with or without glass casing! They also produce an alarm sound.
  • Secret Buttons, which blend into walls. Containing bookshelves, bricks, planks and more. These buttons will even be hidden when using Jade!
  • Torch Buttons and Levers. They also come in soul and redstone form.
  • Lantern Buttons, which provide a redstone signal at the top of the Chain.
  • A Doorbell!
  • Special Buttons like Console Buttons, Letter Buttons and Lamp Buttons.
  • Sand, Red Sand, Gravel and Concrete Powder Buttons which can only be pressed once.

Download the Infinity Buttons mod.

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