Minecraft 1.20 Mod | 3D Items Displayed (1.20, 1.20.1)

Minecraft 1.20 Mod | 3D Items Displayed (1.20, 1.20.1)
3d Minecraft Item Displays Minecraft 1.20 mod

This Minecraft 1.20 Mod gives you the ability to turn your boring 2D Items 3D and display them with pride!

Did you ever think that there aren't any good ways to show off your stuff in Minecraft? Sure, we have item frames, but that's just plain old boring. If you're like me, then you'd prefer having your treasures displayed as 3D models in the world, not cluttering your chests.

Let me introduce you to Items Displayed! Designed for both daring adventurers and imaginative builders, this Fabric mod aims to redefine the way you store items and decorate your base.

Core features

  • Placeable items: Say goodbye to item frames. With Items Displayed, you'll be able to showcase your treasures in your house as stunning 3D models! Currently, the mod adds models for all sherds, smithing templates, and ingots. Want more items? Stay tuned for the 2Dnext updates :)
  • Simple mechanics: My goal is to enhance your gameplay, not complicate it. You don't need to craft or tweak anything: to place an item, just right-click while holding it, as you would with any vanilla block. Turning your house into a piece of art has never been easier!
  • Item Display: You may feel like leaving your treasures lying on the ground is a strange decision. Worry not, this mod also adds a new item called Item Display, which can be crafted using sticks. It works exactly like an Armor Stand, save for the fact that it can be rotated to any angle, not just 45 degrees. Currently, Item Display supports all sherds and smithing templates.
  • Vanilla style: When making the mod, I made sure to keep the authenticity of the the vanilla style in place. And hey, my mom couldn't tell which models are from Minecraft, and which are mine! That must mean something, right?
  • High compatibility: Don't let mod conflicts hold you back from your adventures. Items Displayed has been thoroughly tested, so unless another mod makes big changes in the way items work, there shouldn't be any issues.

If you'd like to check out the mod for yourself, you can do it here:

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