Realistic TNT Datapack - Make your TNT Realistic

Realistic TNT Datapack - Make your TNT Realistic

This Minecraft 1.20 Data Pack makes your TNT Explosions realistic!


A demo of the realistic TNT in action

Player commandblockidiot69, someone who makes a lot of datapacks has created yet another banger.

This time he has created an amazing that will make your TNT realistic!

This is how it works,

First, the datapack detects TNT Fuse Time using an execute store result command, and then detects whether or not that fuse time is under 3.

After it detects the fuse is under 3, it will summon detection armor stands around the TNT, which run a /loot command to find the current block under them, and placing that specific in their hand in order to modify the data of the nearest block display (which were summoned on some of the armor stands randomly) to have that Item's id.

After this, the armor stands will break, while the block display entities are given motion from a launching script to be launched from the TNT, as it blows up.

Try it out for yourself!

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