Fractum is a datapack for Minecraft Java Edition, aiming to enhance the base game adding entirely new biomes but also small world additions and unique features.

What is the objective of this datapack?

In this new world, you will encounter new tipes of vegetation, caves, and dimension-specific improvements. This will enrich your gaming experience and make you see Minecraft's typical blocks and landscapes in a different way. But be aware that even though it's made with elements from the vanilla game, there are entirely new and unusual features. This adds an element of mystery to the game and ignites the player's curiosity and a fresh desire to explore.

First release contents:

Gameplay fetures

  • Chorus Teleport


  • Desert adds: oasis, vegetation, sand crocodiles [​new mob]
  • Plains adds: floating islands, vegetation, wind skeletons [​new mob]
  • Beach adds: palm trees
  • Obsidian Field [​new biome], a cold rare biome whit big obsidian spikes and ender mobs
  • Savage Swamp [​new biome], a swamp biome characterized by dense vegetation of esotic trees
  • Panda Valley [​new biome], giant bamboo, cherry trees and lot of pandas
  • Hell Caves [​new biome], a bit of nether in the depths of the earth
  • Illusion Caves [​new biome], a shiny biome where not everything is as it seems


  • Nether wastes adds: vegetation, chasms (corrupted holes in the roof)
  • Purgatory [​new biome], a nether biome lush whit vegetation
  • Last Circle [​new biome], an icy biome, rich in amethyst but also dengerous mobs


  • Vanilla bioms adds: caratteristic vegetation, possibility to spown equally
  •  End Plains [​new biome], an alien landscape teeming whit plants and mobsù
  • Shulk Realm [​new biome], lunar gravity and structures whit peculiar treasures
  • Ancient Ruins [​new biome], mistical dengerous stones and caves whit rare materials like debris

What does Fractum progect consist of?

"Fractum, fragments of ideas that become reality!"
This project is born to bring ideas to life using a game full of possibilities like Minecraft. Not just mine, but especially those of the community.

[Reddit] [Instagram]

"No limits to creativity and ambition."
Thanks to my Fiverr gig, anyone has the opportunity to create their own datapack and thus shape any kind of idea. In this way, you can also make a small contribution to this project I've been working on alone.

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